Katy Perry Went Full Eclipse At The MTV VMAs & Brutally Shaded Taylor Swift & Justin Bieber

28 August 2017, 10:49

VMAs 2017

She does know the eclipse was last week right?

When you're hosting the MTV VMAs, all the power is in your hands. If you've got beef with someone then this is your time to air it out in front of the world; if you're in love with someone, this is the time to shout it from the rooftops.

For 2017 host Katy Perry, the former was too irresistible to avoid and the internet has gone wild for it.

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Firstly, Katy's long-running feud with Taylor Swift was thrust into the public spotlight once again during the opening of the show.

Katy Perry at the MTV VMAs 2017
Pic: PA

After Katy descended from the rafters wearing a space suit, she chucked it off and looked through some outfits for her first costume change of the night. However it was a seemingly subtle dig at Taylor that had everyone talking.

When picking which outift to wear, Katy exclaimed, "Should I wear a choker and some ripped jeans? Maybe some Yeezys?" and people flipped out.

SOME YEEZYS?! With Taylor's much-talked about drama with Kanye reportedly the subject of her comeback single 'Look What You Made Me Do', was this Katy stating that she's team Kanye?

But it wasn't just Taylor who was in the line of fire - Justin Bieber was in for a jab too.

Katy Perry & DJ Khaled
Pic: PA

During the show, Katy had a baby doll with her on stage to try and get more likes on Instagram (DJ Khaled's son Asahd totally won in the cuteness stakes though) and she made sure that her new child helped her get a dig at JB.

Whilst speaking to the audience on stage, Katy hilariously joked that her new baby "knows all the words to 'Despacito', unlike some other babies I know."

Feel the burn Justin...feel the burn.

With the eclipse taking place last week, it seems that Katy was competing for most shade thrown this year and given the fact that the internet is now proclaiming her as the queen of shade, we think we have a winner!

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