Will Glastonbury 2021 Going Ahead? Dates, Emily Eavis Hints & Line-Up Changes

29 June 2020, 14:28 | Updated: 29 June 2020, 14:31

Emily Eavis hints at whether Glastonbury 2021 be going ahead?
Will Glastonbury 2021 be going ahead? Picture: Getty Images

Emily Eavis opens up about Glastonbury 2021, dates and the line-up rumours, as well as the uncertainty of the future and her hopes for the event to go ahead.

Glastonbury 2021 plans are starting to surface as organiser Emily Eavis reveals she fully intends for the event to go ahead in June of next year as her father, Michael, worries they could go bankrupt if next year's festival isn't given the go ahead.

However, as no one can truly be certain whether, or when, there will be a 'second spike' of Coronavirus, there's no way for anyone to be certain when mass events will be able to resume.

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What dates will Glastonbury 2021 be on?

After a weekend of re-watching iconic performances from the festival in much dryer and cleaner conditions than most are used to, everyone's thoughts are already turning to next year...

The event will be the 50th anniversary of the festival (meant to have taken place in 2020), and the dates have been confirmed as Wednesday June 23-Sunday June 27 2021, permitting the virus has shrunk far enough.

This is the usual week in June the festival is held on each year.

The Eavis's have admitted cancelling has cost them millions of pounds, as by March, when lockdown came, they've basically got the entire thing organised.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, Emily said: "We’ve survived. We’re just focused on next year now. We intend it to happen."

"And I think when we open the gates next year it’s going to be really emotional, even if it’s pouring with rain. Good times are what we so deeply need right now, aren’t they?"

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Will Glastonbury definitely be on in 2021?

Michael Eavis painted a slightly more sinister picture, having told the Guardian next year's festival is vital for the survival of its entire future, saying:

"We have to run next year, otherwise we would seriously go bankrupt… It has to happen for us, we have to carry on."

"Otherwise it will be curtains. I don’t think we could wait another year."

Emily, however, admitted they've faced uncertainty in the past and they have set up four different plans for next year's outcomes.

She said: "We’ve navigated choppy waters so many times. This festival has always evolved and found ways to survive, and I’m confident that we will again. Mutate to survive!"

Will the 2021 Glastonbury line-up be the same as 2020's?

The next biggest question after whether or not the festival will go ahead is, of course, the line-up, with people left in the unprecedented situation of wondering whether the artists on the bill for 2020 will be carried over until 2021?

It remains uncertain whether artists will be able to honour their slot next year for a hot of different reasons, be it schedule clashes or touring, but as Glastonbury is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most respected stages to play in the world, people are hoping many will make sure to keep the dates free.

From Paul McCartney's legendary return, to Taylor Swift's debut, there are so many enormous names who were going to make 2020's 50th anniversary unforgettable, all of which now is clouded in uncertainty.

Time to start the guessing now then... only 12 months to go!

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