Coldplay Won't Be Touring Until Shows Become 'Environmentally Beneficial'

21 November 2019, 12:19

Coldplay won't be touring any time soon
Coldplay won't be touring any time soon. Picture: Getty

Coldplay have set out their plans for any future concerts and the environment is set to be at the heart of them.

Coldplay's live shows are always an incredible experience for their fans however it looks like they're set to be waiting a while for their next chance to catch them in concert as the band plans to pause any future tours.

In an interview with BBC News, Chris Martin opened up about the band's new album, touring and the environment.

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Coldplay Performs At Allianz Parque
Coldplay Performs At Allianz Parque. Picture: Getty

Chris revealed, "We're not touring this album - we're taking time over the next year or two, to work out how our tour can not only be sustainable - how can it be actively beneficial."

He added, "All of us have to work out the best way of doing our job." Coldplay's tours are historically mammoth in size and the amount of dates they plough through make it a huge process in every aspect.

The Coldplay frontman continued, "Our next tour will be the best possible version of a tour like that environmentally - we would be disappointed if it's not carbon neutral."

"The hardest thing is the flying side of things. But, for example, our dream is to have a show with no single use plastic, to have it largely solar powered. We've done a lot of big tours at this point. How do we turn it around so it's no so much taking as giving?"

Coldplay's new album 'Everyday Life' is set to be released tomorrow [22nd November] and features their new epic single 'Orphans'.

The superstar frontman also opened up about having his feelings hurt after reading comments people made online after his guest appearances at Glastonbury during both Stormzy and Kylie Minogue's sets, leading people to joke he 'waits backstage' all year long for his chance to perform.

Chris said: I saw a tweet afterwards which said 'you can always rely on him to come on in a tracksuit and ruin everything.'

"So I was like you know what, a), I should work on my trousers, and b), I shouldn't be online and c), maybe just go and watch Glastonbury for a year or so."

"Sometimes these things hurt me because I'm human."

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