Taylor Swift's prom date reveals he didn't get tickets to The Eras Tour

24 March 2023, 14:48

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By Emma Kershaw

"Ha no tickets this way!"

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If you didn't get tickets to Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, don't feel too bad: neither did her high school prom date.

Diehard Swifties may remember Taylor's appearance on MTV's Once Upon a Prom, where she joined one lucky high schooler at their senior prom. As part of the show, the 'Love Story' singer had to choose between 50 boys, where she attended the "Alabama Slamma" prom, as their date.

The lucky winner was, of course, Whit Wright. Taylor attended the Hillcrest High School prom with Whit and the pair wore matching pink outfits. Taylor and Whit arrived in style - in Taylor's tour bus, no less - and double-dated with Taylor's high school BFF, Alison, who also attended prom with Whit's friend.

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Taylor Swift's prom date reveals he didn't get tickets to The Eras Tour
Taylor Swift's prom date reveals he didn't get tickets to The Eras Tour. Picture: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, MTV

Speaking to People about Whit, Taylor said: "This guy was so down to earth and all-American. He was unbelievably sweet."

Taylor was home-schooled for her final few years of high school, so never actually got to attend her own prom. She said: "I felt so much like I was in high school again – in a good way, without any drama, without anyone being catty. It was the coolest thing!”

People then asked Taylor if there had been any PDA (spoiler: there was none) but she did say that she would be inviting Whit to one of her concerts. She explained: "We have concerts in Alabama all the time and his whole family is going to come out to shows and stuff. He was the best prom date ever!"

Now, fast forward 15 years later, and fans had started wondering if Whit would be attending The Eras Tour. Tickets to Taylor's tour were notoriously hard to get, with many fans left disappointed and unable to attend a show.

On March 22nd, one Twitter user posted the iconic photos of Taylor and Whit along with the caption, "Did he get tickets to the eras tour".

Shockingly, Whit himself responded to the tweet, letting everyone know that, no, he did not get tickets. He tweeted: "Ha no tickets this way!"

Whether it's because of Ticketmaster's system or through a lack of trying is unknown, but fans began dropping in their own suggestions as to how Whit could bag himself the coveted tickets.

"What if you just… called Taylor up?" one person suggested. "i’m screaming @taylorswift13 give this man a ticket!!" another wrote. Someone else also said: "YOU DESERVE THEM KING".

After Whit's response went viral with over 18 million views, he took to Twitter to share his gratitude for the love that Swifties have been showing him.

"Wow! I never could’ve imagined the attention this would get and the positivity from everyone! Firstly, my tweet was out of pure fun, I had no motive for recognition or handouts. The MTV gig was a great memory and everything that came with it was fantastic! Thanks for the love!!"

In conclusion, someone please co-ordinate a Taylor and Whit reunion!

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