Taylor Swift's 'The Man' Music Video: 4 Shady Moments You Missed

27 February 2020, 14:21 | Updated: 27 February 2020, 14:31

Taylor Swift did not hold back calling out double standards in 'The Man'
Taylor Swift did not hold back calling out double standards in 'The Man'. Picture: YouTube Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has officially dropped her highly anticipated video for 'The Man' and she's thrown some serious shade to all of male kind in the iconic vide, and here's some of the things you might have missed.

Taylor Swift premiered the music video to 'The Man' she directed and starred in, dropping all our jaws with the level of shade the superstar has gone to call out double standards and misogyny in every day life, sports, the music industry- you name it, Tay Tay has well and truly called it out!

Taylor Swift Fans Think ‘The Man’ Music Video Is Set To Shade Kim Kardashian & Kanye West As Visuals Resemble Their House

As ever, the star has hidden some pretty shady easter eggs and signs in the video in which she transformed into a man, echoing Leonardo DiCaprio's The Wolf of Wall Street character, and that's only the start of it...

'No Scooter' Sign

'The Man' features a 'no Scooter' sign by her album titles
'The Man' features a 'no Scooter' sign by her album titles. Picture: Taylor Swift/YouTube

This feud has officially reached peak levels of shade, as a scene from the video sees Taylor, as a man, peeing up against a wall spray painted with all of her albums next to a sign that reads 'Missing...if found return to Taylor Swift'.

However, she didn't stop there, as there's another sign, a picture of a Scooter crossed out- a direct hit to Scooter Braun, who manages Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, who acquired her music in a huge deal worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Taylor Swift throws shade at her music being 'stolen'
Taylor Swift throws shade at her music being 'stolen'. Picture: YouTube

Kimye's house & a sleeping Kim Kardashian?

Taylor appears to get her own back for Kanye West's 'Famous' video
Taylor appears to get her own back for Kanye West's 'Famous' video. Picture: Taylor Swift/ YouTube

It's a pretty subtle one, but we definitely caught it and are kind of obsessed with the heroic levels of petty being thrown about.

When guy-Taylor gets out of bed and heads into the very Kimye-esque hallway fans first spotted in the teaser- he leaves a sleeping lady in the bed that looks a whole lot like Kim Kardashian, posed in a very similar way to Kanye's music video 'Famous.'

His controversial video featured a number of A-listers sleeping naked in a bed together, including Taylor, without her permission, so we're pretty sure this is a sly dig at him showing her 'naked' to the world.

Calling out literally every sexist industry, ever

Reformatting her Miss Americana Netflix documentary feature a man, playing on Sundance film festival to the 'Mandance' over the lack of representation of women celebrated, Tay hid a load of different digs to different areas of life in the video.

From manspreading on the subway, smoking a cigar and scratching her manly parts, there were 'male' dominated movie posters behind her with one about 'man vs nature', pointing out man's role in global warming, and you can't say Taylor didn't cover her bases in this vid!

'The Man' newspaper calls out sexist headlines
'The Man' newspaper calls out sexist headlines. Picture: Taylor Swift/ YouTube

Plot twist, she's the man!

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All in all, it's one of the most brilliant music videos we've ever seen from Taylor- and maybe, like, ever?! The star knows how to keep fans fed with all her easter eggs, cameos and clues- and most didn't even realise she was playing the man in the video was her until it was revealed at the end!

At the end, Tay is revealed to be the director, praising the female actress for doing next to nothing and telling the male actor to be more 'sexy and likeable', switching the roles.

From throwing a 'mantrum' on the tennis court- revealing the hypocrisy of Serena Williams getting punished for 'bad behaviour' on court, when male tennis players have gotten away with being called 'passionate' to calling out Leonardo by playing his notorious movie role, Tay is well and truly done with subtlety and the whole thing is absolutely genius!

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