Taylor Swift Calls On Fellow 'Superstars' To Fight For Smaller Artists

7 November 2019, 11:25

Taylor Swift calls on big artists to support smaller ones
Taylor Swift calls on big artists to support smaller ones. Picture: Getty Images

Taylor Swift has called on the 'few' big stars like herself to support younger artists in their careers.

Taylor Swift has called on fellow 'superstars' to use their powerful positions to support younger artists and producers and help them get their voices heard with record labels, proving once again her strong stance on protecting the livelihood of musicians.

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The #CapitalJBB artist confessed she is 'one of the only people' able to stand up for smaller people in the industry as she's on her seventh album and able to sell out stadiums, whilst speaking to Music Week magazine.

The 29-year-old said: "I'm one of the only people in the artist realm who can be loud about it...people who are on their fifth, sixth or seventh album, we're the only ones who can speak out, because new artists and producers and writers need to work."

The 'ME!' singer also touched on the growing trend of artists dropping standalone singles over full albums, saying she hopes people aren't feeling pressured into releasing their music in a certain way.

Taylor said: "As long as people dropping just singles want to be doing that, then I'm fine with it, but it feels like a big general wave that's been pressured by people in power."

She's been one of the most vocal artists defending the rights of musicians getting fairly compensated for the revenue made from music streams- and upon singing to Universal Music Group's Republic Records last year, she ensured not only the ownership of her masters, but that Universal's other artists also received the proceeds of sales of Spotify shares.

Taylor infamously pulled her music from streaming platforms over artist royalties and fighting against 'the perception music has no value and should be free', eventually being convinced by the platform's co-founder to return.

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