Taylor Swift "Not Scared" Of People Avoiding Her Over Revealing Song Lyrics

14 April 2013, 09:26 | Updated: 14 April 2013, 09:30

The '22' singe says she will always talk openly and honestly about her personal life in her music.

Taylor Swift says she doesn't purposefully go after other famous stars like herself when trying to find love.

The 'I Knew You Were Trouble' singer has had a string of high profile exes over the past few years, including Harry Styles, Joe Jonas and John Mayer, but claims she doesn't intentionally seek out pop stars.

"It's not like I go for people in the entertainment industry," Taylor insists in a new interview for The Times magazine, first reported by Now. "Those have been the types who have kind of gone for me recently."

The '22' singer went on to talk about her songwriting and how writing about her romances so openly could end up making people wary of her.

"You never know who doesn't ask you out," Taylor joked, in response to being asked if it might put people off. "But I'm not scared of it.

"Because I know I'm not going to stop writing songs about my life," she explained. "So if someone's scared of that, then that's not going to work anyway."

The US star resumed her 'Red' world tour this week in Miami, Florida after a two week break, as well as enjoying a visit to Disney World with support act Ed Sheeran.

Check out a picture of Taylor Swift on her 'Red' tour this week below (Credit: INF Photos):

Taylor Swift also features in a brand new advert for Diet Coke that was unveiled earlier this week.