Taylor Swift’s Miss Americana Documentary Is Inspiring Kids To Write Music: 'My 5-Year-Old Is Writing Her First Song'

4 February 2020, 14:20

Taylor Swift's Miss Americana is inspiring budding musicians to write
Taylor Swift's Miss Americana is inspiring budding musicians to write. Picture: Getty

Taylor Swift’s new Netflix documentary, Miss Americana, is inspiring every generation.

Miss Americana has had everyone talking since it dropped on Netflix on Friday 31 January, with Taylor Swift earning a whole host of new fans who were never Swifties before.

As well as life-long supporters and brand new members to the fandom, Taylor has also inspired a league of budding young musicians – one of which left her father in awe after she dashed to the piano to write her first song at five years old.

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Twitter user Mike Sharp couldn’t help but share his daughter’s musical project on social media after watching the documentary, revealing she took her pen to paper as soon as the film ended.

He wrote: “My 5-year-old daughter finished the @taylorswift13 documentary on @netflix and immediately walked to our piano and started writing her first song.”

Alongside the tweet, he attached a picture of his daughter’s first song lyrics written in her notebook, which read: “I want you to know that you are…”

Apparently, the second page reads: “Special.”

The tweet received a huge response from his followers, with most urging him: “Encourage it!”

Miss Americana has inspired thousands around the globe after the pop star gave a closer look at her incredible talent in the emotional film.

In scenes showing how frustrated she got when her team were hesitant to permit her to break her political silence, she said: “I just thought to myself, 'Next time there is any opportunity to change anything, you better know what you stand for and what you want to say’.”

She has since gone on to encourage young people to register to vote, and to use their vote, after speaking out against Tennessee Republican senate-candidate Marsha Blackburn in 2018.

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