Taylor Swift's Secret Sessions For 'Lover' Album Are Underway: How Do Fans Get An Invite?

8 August 2019, 15:28

Taylor Swift's secret sessions for 'Lover' are underway
Taylor Swift's secret sessions for 'Lover' are underway. Picture: Getty Images/ Instagram @TaylorSwift

Taylor Swift's secret sessions are back for her upcoming album, 'Lover' and fans are sworn to secrecy for the super intimate listening parties.

Taylor Swift has started the secret sessions with fans in the run up to the release of her seventh album, Lover, something she's done before the release of previous albums, and fans are sworn to secrecy about pretty much the entire thing, from invites to location and of course, the music.

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In her interview with Vogue magazine, Taylor revealed she continues the sessions, which are held at her various homes which are located in New York, Nashville, Los Angeles, and Rhode Island, because "They’ve never given me a reason to stop doing it...not a single one."

Unfortunately, invites come personally from Tay Tay's team and fans aren't given much notice about the event to keep it all under wraps, with them carefully selecting some of her biggest and most loyal fans for the intimate evenings.

Fans have received DMs and phone calls from private numbers inviting them to the session, where they're told to get to a location where it seems a bus ferries them to the location where Taylor is awaiting them.

Tay has asked fans not to directly quote her, give anything away about the music or to post anything that could give stuff away about it.

The 'You Need To Calm Down' singer reportedly told one fan at the session she asks them not to quote her as she's been mis-quoted in the past and been frustrated at the mistake or lack of context.

Secret session goer explains why Taylor asks not to be quoted
Secret session goer explains why Taylor asks not to be quoted. Picture: Nadianiffi/ Reddit on Twitter

As it stands, it looks like Tay has already held secret sessions in LA, Nashville and London, and as fans are asked not to repeat any important info- fans take to Twitter to tell anecdotes from the session and random facts about their favourite star.

People have also worked out that she played the album to them in a shuffled order so that a track list couldn't be leaked, which we think is pretty savvy of her.

Aside from listening through the album and baking rice crispy cakes and cookies for her fans, it's been said that she met every fan individually, chatting to them and posed for photos 'until 5am', which basically reminds us why she's one of the nicest celebrities out there, ever!

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