Taylor Swift Admits To Sleeping Until 4pm & Being Low-Key Lazy

16 September 2019, 14:11

Taylor Swift admits to being lazy and loves to sleep
Taylor Swift admits to being lazy and loves to sleep. Picture: Instagram @taylorswift

Taylor Swift has revealed she's absolutely passionate about sleeping and loves a lie in, and people can seriously relate to this.

Taylor Swift just dropped a major bombshell, that she absolutely loves sleep and isn't opposed to sleeping until 4pm and fans have never felt they relate to the 'Lover' singer more.

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In an interview with Ash London, an Australian radio DJ, we got to hear some pretty random info' from the star, such as her love for sleep and clearing out her cats litter tray.

She admitted: "I’m sorta lazy. I slept until like 4 in the afternoon today. I'm low-key pretty lazy. It looks like I'm not because I do shows or whatever, and I write music sometimes. But I also deeply, aggressively love sleep."

Fans took to Twitter to tell everyone that Tay's confession is relatable AF, where as others pointed out she's probably used to having very late nights from touring, which is why she allows herself such luxurious lie-ins.

One fan wrote, "I feel intensely better about myself after reading this" and another simply said, "my soul mate."

We're also living for the self deprecating way she spoke about selling out arenas on tour, describing it as 'doing shows or whatever', and now we know deep down she just wants to be in bed with her cats.

Taylor Swift fans relate to her love of sleep
Taylor Swift fans relate to her love of sleep. Picture: twitter/ @swiftpals

When questioned if she empties her cats' litter trays herself, Tay replied: "Absolutely! I feel like my own cats would judge me if I didn’t. Because then I’d only be taking the good parts of cats and I wouldn’t be taking the struggles of cats."

So, one of the biggest stars in the world just revealed themselves to be just that little bit more normal, we stan.

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