Taylor Swift Has Been Monitoring Stalkers At Her Concerts Using Facial Recognition

13 December 2018, 11:49

Taylor Swift is using facial recognition at her concerts.
Taylor Swift is using facial recognition at her concerts. Picture: Instagram/Getty

Taylor Swift used the hidden facial recognition software to try and make her concerts safer by weeding out stalkers.

New reports suggest Taylor Swift has been using facial recognition software at her concerts to ensure stalkers are kept out.

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According to Rolling Stone, people attending Taylor’s concert at California’s Rose Bowl in May were automatically scanned when they looked at a kiosk showing highlights from her rehearsals.

The data was then sent to a “command post” in Nashville, Tennessee to match the images to a database of her known stalkers in order for them to make her concert more secure.

Taylor Swift with her mum.
Taylor Swift with her mum. Picture: Instagram

However, this is problematic as while surveillance at private events like concerts is legal, it’s normally advisable to let people know if they are being recorded.

It looks like facial recognition software could be more prevalent in the next few years, however, as Ticketmaster are considering replacing tickets with a facial scan that is tied to your seat and is in the process of developing the tech.

While we are all here in 2018, Taylor’s living in 3018.

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