Shawn Mendes Fans Are Desperately Trying To Get His Attention For This Superfan Nan

11 July 2018, 16:10 | Updated: 11 July 2018, 16:11

Shawn Mendes Fan, Irene

Shawn Mendes' Brazilian superfan waited hours to meet him at an airport with a very special gift, but he had no idea!

The Mendes Army are a great bunch. They support their boy Shawn Mendes non stop and their love for him is pretty infectious - so infectious in fact that one fan even got her nan into the Canadian star!

Irene was introduced to the way of the Mendes by her grandaughter in Brazil and went to Guarulhos Airport to meet her new fave and give him a rose, but sadly they missed him.

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Taking to Twitter, Irene's grandaughter wrote a message to Shawn and explained, 'This is my grandmother Irene, she has known you for some time, bwecause I am very much your fan. On Firday, when you came to Brazil, she and I wanted to go to the airport to greet you , however we were afraid we would not be able to see it.'

She went on to add, 'I asked her if she had become a fan of him and she said,"Of course I am, such a boy, educated and humble like him, can not help but love him".'

Sadly for the pair, despite spending hours waiting for Shawn at their airport, they missed him - 'We just wanted to send the rose we bought with great affection, but we were told that it was impossible, all the Mendes Armys came together to try to deliver the rose, but in the end you had already boarded', she revealed.

But fans have been trying to get Shawn to notice Irene and show her some love for waiting out at the airport for him...

Fans even created the hashtag #ShawnNoticesIrene to try and catch Shawn's attention...

There's been now word on whether Shawn has seen the tale of Irene just yet, but we'd absolutely love to see her reaction if she does actually manage to meet Shawn one day!

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