Selena Gomez calls out Snapchat for encouraging negative beauty standards

6 March 2019, 12:39

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Selena Gomez took to Instagram to share a video criticising Snapchat...

Selena Gomez is having an incredible 2019 so far. This year alone, the 26-year-old popstar has already released a brand new shoe with Puma (the Cali), collaborated with Julia Michaels on a personal duet about depression and anxiety ('Anxiety'), and is currently riding high on the charts with a new Benny Blanco hit ('I Can't Get Enough'). Not only that but Selena is also in the process of finishing her upcoming album.

However, in and amongst all of her new projects, Selena has also been a bit more active on Instagram than usual lately. Last year, she decided to take a step back from the platform for three months to focus on herself and now she is back to using it to share snippets of her life and work with her fans. Yesterday (Mar 5), Selena took to the popular social media app to call out Snapchat on their filters.

Selena Gomez calls out Snapchat for its blue eye filters
Selena Gomez calls out Snapchat for its blue eye filters. Picture: Instagram

Selena noticed that Snapchat often edits people's eyes to look blue in their "pretty" filters but not in their other ones. Taking to Instagram stories, she said: "Literally every single Snapchat filter has the blue eyes. What if you have brown eyes?! Am I supposed to have these eyes to look good?!" She shared the clip along with a snippet of her sporting one of Snapchat's blue eye filters.

Selena then shared a video of her using a Snapchat filter that drastically distorts your face saying: "They should have more filters like this. Oh great and it's the only one that uses my brown eyes." She then joked: "I don't understand. They have all the blue eyes for all the ones that are like really pretty and then I put on this and it's like BROWN... BROWN EYES."


Selena ended her post saying: "I think I'll just stick to the gram. Brown eyes are beautiful everyone." Obviously the tone of Selena's video is funny but she brings up some really important points. Blue eyes are often hailed as more beautiful than other eyes in many cultures and they shouldn't be. All eyes are beautiful and Snapchat should recognise that.

What do you think? Is Selena right to call out Snapchat?