Selena Gomez Slammed As A "Hypocrite" After Using This Hashtag On Instagram

29 March 2018, 12:41

Selena Gomez March For Our Lives Black LIves Matter Hashtag
Picture: Selena Gomez / Instagram
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Selena has now turned off the comments on her March For Our Lives posts after huge backlash.

Selena Gomez was pretty active on Instagram over the weekend, sharing pictures and stories from March For Our Lives, a rally that took place in various cities across the US in support of common sense gun laws. She posted snaps of herself at the rally, alongside various posters and signs from other protesters.

But she's now being called a "hypocrite" by fans and followers for using one particular hashtag on the pictures...

People aren't all that impressed with Selena's audacity to include the '#notjustahashtag' hashtag on her posts, in fact, they're pretty pissed off about it. Why? Well...

Back in 2016, Selena waded into the Taylor vs. Kimye Snapchat beef and urged people to talk about more important things and "use their voice something that fucking matters" instead. She was right! But, at the time, she hadn't exactly been doing that herself.

A Twitter user rightfully called her out on it and asked why, if that was the case, hadn't she used her voice to support the Black Lives Matter movement or speak out publicly about issue of police brutality on her influential social media accounts. Her response? "Oh lol so if I hashtag something, that means it will save lives?' (Selena did apologise and explain what she meant by those tweets soon after.)

Smash cut to two years later... #notjustahashtag, huh?

People are calling her out for hypocrisy because her previous comments seemed to construe that the Black Lives Matter was literally just a hashtag. There were marches, there were peaceful protests, supporters did everything we'd seen over the past month with MFOL but on a much smaller, less publicised scale.

Selena's sudden urge to point out that this particular movement isn't "just an Instagram post" has rightfully got people's backs up.

Selena's comments are still disabled and she has yet to address the backlash.