Rita Ora And Iggy Azalea Tease Their ‘Black Widow’ Music Video – And It’s Super Sexy!

12 August 2014, 13:53

Two of the hottest ladies in pop, together? OF COURSE it’s going to look incredible!

The prospect of Rita Ora teaming up with Iggy Azalea is exciting enough, but the girls have teased a snippet of their music video – and it looks super slinky!

Rita and Iggy were recently snapped in matching skin tight leather catsuits on set of the new vid – and it looks like it’s not the only super tight outfit they rocked on the shoot. 

And Rita’s sexy catsuit isn’t her first foray into alternative fashion – she told Glamour, “As a little girl I think I never followed any rules. I was always the cheeky one that did pranks and dressed crazy.”

Rita always looks super glam, but she says she hates being caught looking less than groomed.

She said, “I love being glamorous. I hate being caught off-guard at an airport. You’re an entertainer, you’re meant to be an illusion, giving light out there, something to believe in. Like all my idols. Madonna, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, they were myths of greatness.” 

Who's excited for the full video?! We are! 

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