Rita Ora Starts New Album In New York While Saying She Was "Meant" To Be A Musician

9 April 2013, 11:36

The 'Shine Ya Light' singer is getting ready to begin recording her second studio offering.

Rita Ora says she believes she was "always" meant to be a singer, while starting work on her second album.

The 'R.I.P.' singer is out in New York City this week and teased fans by confirming she was getting ready to record new music for the follow-up to her 2012 debut 'ORA'.

Rita also spoke this past week about making sure you believe in yourself, as well as how "unpredictable" the music industry can be.

"Self-belief is the main thing you need to get on, especially in this industry full of sharks," Rita told SB.TV this week. "It is very unpredictable but I always believed I was meant to do this."

"Strike a pose! #NYC #album 2 #excited," Rita also tweeted this week, alongside a snap of herself enjoying the sights of the Big Apple.

Check out a picture of Rita Ora arriving in NYC this week below (Credit: Twitter):

Rita previously revealed she plans to keep work on her second album under wraps so that fans are genuinely surprised by the direction she takes with her new music.

This week the 'Shine Ya Light' singer was pictured enjoying a holiday out in Las Vegas where she was spotted spending time with a new man.