Rihanna: 'I didn't want to make life difficult for Chris Brown'

Rihanna has admitted that she is glad a restraining order on her ex Chris Brown has been eased.

The 'S&M' singer revealed that she let a judge end an order against him because she didn't want 'life to get difficult' for him.

'I just didn't want to make it more difficult for him professionally,' Riri told Rolling Stone. 

'What he did was a personal thing – it had nothing to do with his career. Saying he has to be a hundred feet away from me, he can't perform at awards shows – that definitely made it difficult for him.'

Brown was sentenced to five years probation and six months of community service for assaulting his then-girlfriend in February 2009.

He recently allegedly smashed up a dressing room after he was questioned about the incident on a US chat show.

Meanwhile, Riri is set to star as a Navy weapons expert in the movie 'Battleship' which is based on the classic board game.