One Direction's Sweetest Moments Hanging Out Together Since Their Hiatus

10 March 2020, 16:09

One Direction hanging out after the band is all we need to see
One Direction hanging out after the band is all we need to see. Picture: Getty Images

The One Direction boys might not be in a band together right now, but they've stayed great mates and shared some seriously adorable moments together...

We all know the tale of One Direction by now, conquering the world before going on a hiatus in 2016 and pursuing their enormous solo careers ever since, breaking the hearts of millions of fans in the process.

But, it isn't all doom and gloom, as every now and then, the band mates hang out with each other, bump into each other and generally support each other's huge music careers- and we, like you, love to see it.

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They pretty much all remain on good terms, and never miss an opportunity to catch up with to one another, which has made for some seriously cute moments in the past four years- and one pair even belted out a 1D song!

Niall at Harry's concert in LA, 2017

Niall was spotted, semi incognito, in the crowd at one of Harry's concerts in LA for his first ever solo tour, for Harry Styles: Live on Tour, in 2017, and the Irish singer was smiley and looking happy throughout the show!

Eagle eyed fans spotted him and snapped a quick photo- proving at one of the earlier dates they've been supporting each other's solo careers from the offset!

They've always shared the most similar taste in music, preferring older iconic rock bands including Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles- having both been spotted (albeit separately) at their concerts in the last few years.

Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson on Gogglebox

Yes, this happened. Really.

In Late 2018, Liam and Louis reunited for a Stand Up To Cancer special of Celebrity Gogglebox, hunkering down for the evening with snacks prepared by none other than 'Two Of Us' singer Louis.

The boys chatted advert jingles, debated the necessity of avocado to be on every meal, answered questions on University Challenge and made millions of fans' dreams come true giving us the closest thing to a reunion we've ever had.

It was amazing for fans to see them in their natural surroundings, hanging out as a couple of mates- and NGL, do did we.

Niall and Louis in Mexico, 2019

Niall and Louis played at the same music festival in late 2019, and as well as catching up backstage, fans pretty much lost it when the pair were heard singing 'Little Black Dress' during soundcheck and even gave each other shout outs during their sets.

This has to take the medal for the closest thing to an actual, musical, 1D reunion, and you know what? We'll take it!

Niall and Harry BRITs 2020

The BRIT Awards 2020 - Show
The BRIT Awards 2020 - Show. Picture: Getty

The BRITs 2020 gave us all some seriously needed Harry content, with him debuting 'Falling' and serving three outfits, but we didn't get to see Niall and Harry interacting directly, despite Niall saying he was at the event to support his former bandmate.

However, in a recent interview Niall admitted the pair caught up without a camera present (boo) but broke down exactly what happened.

He told GQ: "Yes, I did, I caught up with Harry, it was good to see him, I hadn't seen him in a long time. He's lives not too far from me in LA, but every time we go to LA, he goes that way, I got that way and we miss each other, but it was great to see him."

"He smashed his performance and obviously was nominated for a couple of awards so a successful night for him!"

So, all in all, the busy guys have found time to catch up with each other these past few years, and are clearly supportive of each other's music- but we have to say, Niall really is taking the lead for best member at keeping up with the others!

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