The Inside Of Niall Horan's Fridge Is More Organised Than Your Life

28 June 2016, 15:14

Fashion Moments 24th June Niall Horan

Old Nialler is really stepping up his Snapchat game of late treating us to all sorts of shots from his break away from the band.

Except he's taken it up a notch by giving us a sneak inside his *actual* fridge. And if you're trying to pretend that you're not interested in seeing inside Niall's fridge, don't lie alright? 

Highlights include the ample offering of sugary drinks, a variety of dips and a half-opened bottle of Nandos cooking sauce. Feast your eyes on this bad boy. 

Niall Horan's Fridge

Immediately after posting it was clear fans loved the site of his cooler. 


And there's no denying how well organised it is. 


We can't say we didn't do this either.


How can a few cans of Sprite and raw meatballs look so damn appealing? 


Anybody fancy applying with us? 


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