We Can't Help But Feel A Little Sorry For Niall Horan After 2016

19 December 2016, 15:50

Niall Horan Watching Football

Poor Niall.

With the news breaking this year that Liam Payne is now hitched up with Cheryl, we couldn't help notice a trend for poor Niall. 

You may well know since being in 1D, Niall has never (publicly) been in a relationship, sure he's been spotted with the odd hottie but nothing Facebook official. However, that's not to have stopped him from publicly fancying girls...

Remember when Niall admitted to fancying Perrie Edwards?

Niall Horan Says he fancies Perrie Edwards in interview


And then this happened...

Perrie Edwards and Zayn


He also revealed that he quite liked the look of Kendall Jenner

Niall Crush on Kendall Jenner


But then this happened...

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner


Niall wouldn't mind a bit of Cheryl either

Niall Fancies Cheryl


But, um, ah. 

Cheryl Liam Payne Instagram Profile Photo


Never mind Niall, we still love you pal.  

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