One Direction: "We Want To Be Like Take That And Make A Comeback After Ten Years Off"

30 October 2012, 07:55 | Updated: 30 October 2012, 10:24

The 'Live While We're Young' singers admit they would love to emulate the success of the man band back in 2006.

One Direction have confessed that they would love to follow in the footsteps of Take That and take ten years away from the band before plotting a huge comeback.

'What Makes You Beautiful' singer Niall Horan revealed that the group admired how Gary Barlow and co made such an impact upon their return in 2006.

"We want to be like Take That or Gary Barlow – take 10 years out and then come back," he told the Daily Mirror.

The group have constantly quashed reports that the band are due to split or any of the members are thinking about quitting.

Zayn Malik most recently revealed how he and the rest of the group simply ignore such claims.

He said: "When people are putting pressure on me I just completely ignore it. I have fun with the lads and do what I've got to do."

Meanwhile, Robbie Williams also spoke about the band and the possibility of one of the group going solo in a bid to emulate his own success away from Take That.

The 'Candy' star said he could see Harry Styles as his natural successor in the male solo market.

Meanwhile, the band debuted their new Ed Sheeran penned single 'Little Things' yesterday (29th October) which received high words of praise from the band's fans.