Laura Robson Laughs Off One Direction Fans' Hate Following Harry Styles Tweet

29 June 2013, 09:27

Laura Robson

The 'Little Things' singer sent the tennis ace a supportive message before her victory at Wimbledon yesterday.

Laura Robson has revelaed that she gained 20,000 new followers after a message on Twitter was sent to her from One Direction star Harry Styles.

The 'What Makes You Beautiful' singer wrote a supportive tweet ahead of her second round clash with Colombian Mariana Duque-Marino at Wimbeldon yesterday (28th June).

"I didn't follow Harry. I haven't really been going on Twitter," she told the Daily Star. "I actually got an email from Twitter saying: 'He's followed you and messaged you.' I guess if you're that big-time, then Twitter gets involved."

The 19 year-old sports ace also said that angry responses from the group's fans left her amused. 

"I looked in my replies and there were thousands of messages saying: 'Who is she?' I was wetting myself because it was so funny," she declared. "I think I've gained 20,000 followers, and they have no idea who I am."

Laura tweeted: "Hi to the One Direction fans'," and revealed how they quickly informed her they are "Directioners".

"It's a whole other world," she added.

One Direction are currently on the road in the US with their 'Take Me Home' world tour and release new single 'Best Song Ever' next month.