Is THIS Louis Tomlinson Losing All Cool With A Fan Who Got Hold Of His Mobile Number?

16 May 2016, 15:40

Louis Tomlinson Instagram Selfie

It's the dream of most 1D fans - to have a proper chat with their idols. BUT, when one fan supposedly got hold of Louis Tomlinson's phone number, he was NOT happy. But is it even him?

When you’re as famous as One Direction, you are bound to want to keep certain things private. Your relationships, family stuff, your address, YOUR PHONE NUMBER. 

Unluckily for Louis Tomlinson, he is at the centre of a privacy breach as two recordings have been put up online of what appears to be him talking to a One Direction fan. The fan somehow got hold of his number and needless to say, the new father, was NOT HAPPY. 

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Louis Tomlinson selfie

Would you be though, if your mobile number had apparently been leaked online? 

Whilst no one has confirmed whether this is actually our favourite Doncaster lad or not, it does sound an awful lot like him. That accent is not hard to recognise. 

The voice sounds completely furious during the very brief phone call. 

The One Direction fan had plucked up the courage to ask Louis for a follow on Twitter, but she wasn’t met with the utmost enthusiasm from the 1D lad. 

The two recordings were posted on Tumblr by @styletomlinsons and they have said that they are NOT the girl on the other end of the phone. 

Clip one shows the voice which is reported to be Louis sounding VERY confused when the fan asks, “Hey, is this Louis? Can you follow me on Twitter?”, before telling him her username. 

If you could chat to the One Direction star on the phone, would the first thing you ask be for a follow on Twitter. REALLY?!

There’s a pause… and you can practically hear ‘Louis’ trying to figure out what the hell is going on. 

He FINALLY replies, “Who is this and why’ve you got my number?”. NOT impressed. 

Although, it’s the second recording that is a little more alarming. 

The supposed Louis on the other end of the phone finally loses all chill and says, “I hope you’re s**tting yourself because you should be terrified”, before hanging up with a smug ‘thank you’.

We thought we would recognise those Doncaster tones anywhere, but could this really be Louis being so... SASSY?! It's got to be SO annoying to have fans somehow getting hold of your mobile number and calling you, but would he really lash out like this?

EEEEK. We don't know anymore.

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