Louis Tomlinson Admits One Direction Boys Used To Make Up Rumours About Niall Horan's Sex Life

12 September 2019, 15:21

One Direction used to make rumours up about Niall Horan's sex life.
One Direction used to make rumours up about Niall Horan's sex life. Picture: PA images

Louis Tomlinson has revealed One Direction used to spread rumours about Niall Horan.

Louis Tomlinson admitted that the One Direction boys used to play pranks on each other whilst on tour.

The 27-year-old singer revealed that him and his bandmates used to make up rumours about Niall Horan’s sex life.

Appearing on an Australian radio show, Smallzy’s Surgery, Louis said: “We used to make up different people that Niall had slept with on tour."

He then played the ‘headline game’ identifying whether or not the headlines about him were true or false.

One statement that he confirmed to be true was, ‘Louis Tomlinson slams grumpy f***er teacher who told him he'd end up working in McDonald's’.

Louis, who recently dropped his new single, ‘Kill My Mind’, spoke about his influences for writing it.

He referenced Oasis, saying: “I’ve always been a massive fan growing up, probably my favourite band ever, really.

“I wanted to write something that felt a bit more fun, a bit more up-tempo.”

When asked if he had experienced any ‘rock star’ behaviour like the Gallagher brothers, Louis responded, saying: “Behind closed doors I think we did our fair share.”

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