12 Moments From 1D's Tour That Made Us Fall In Love With Harry Styles EVEN More!

9 October 2015, 11:34

One Direction's Harry Syles One The Road Again Tou

We take a moment to appreciate ALL the amazing moments Harry has given us during the 'On The Road Again' tour.

From correcting fan's banners to causing chaos with an empty water bottle. Harry Styles has truly stole the show more more than once while on the One Direction OTRA tour, and we've picked the very best moments for you to enjoy over.

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1. When it took them FOUR MINUTES to work out a fan's name to sing 'Happy Birthday' to them

This endearing EPIC FAIL happened when the boys couldn't work out the little girl's name, then decided to call her Trevor but the poor kid looked so upset they even got her to try and spell it out in the air. Hazza was so happy when they finally worked out she was called Lexie, he literally threw himself on the floor. 


2. Harry giving his advice to one fan trying to get pregnant...

Because who doesn't want Harry Styles' advice when it comes to conceiving?!


3. "How do you find Will Smith in the snow? Look for the fresh PRINTS"... Harry brought the LOLZ every night!

You can tell Harry was waiting ALL night to tell that one.


4. Comedy isn't Harry's only hidden talent... check out what he can do with a mouthful of water!



5. He then threw his water bottle into the crowd and, of course, ALL hell broke loose!

Oh Harry!


6. There's also the dancing. SO MUCH DANCING!

Never stop Harry!


7. And of course not forgetting backstage... Harry's just there giving out massages to fans' mums!

Erm, we're actually feeling a little knotted too Harry, it's our turn next!


8. One fan's sign had a grammatical error so, naturally, Harry took it upon himself to correct it!

Stay in school, kids.


9. When Harry started protesting against Sea World on stage, casual.

Who knew Harry was such a 'Black Fish' documentary fan!


10. When he got so into the band he started singing a impromptu cover of 'I Will Survive'

And of course sounded FLAWLESS.


11. Then he found a rainbow flag, and took off around the stage with it in the best way ever.


12. That moment Harry gave the BEST face after trying (and sadly failing) to hit Zayn’s high note during a performance of ‘Diana’. 

Harry was just so REAL in this moment. #LoveIt.


Harry we salute you.


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