Fans Have Jumped To Harry Styles' Defence After Claims He Ripped Off A 70's Classic

20 April 2017, 10:58

Harry Styles Badfinger SNL/Facebook

Harry's newly unveiled tune 'Ever Since New York' is facing questions over how original it actually is.

When a new tune is listened to over 1 million times on YouTube just a few days after it was unveiled, there's always going to be a massive spotlight on the track. However, Harry's facing a whole new kind of controversy, we're pretty sure he's never had to face before.

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Fans of the old-school Welsh rock band Badfinger are pointing fingers at Hazza's new track 'Ever Since New York' for sounding a lot like their fave band's 1972 hit 'Baby Blue'.

Take a listen to the two tracks below...

Harry Styles' 'Ever Since New York'

Badfinger's 'Baby Blue'

We can definitely see why some people can see a similarity between the two guitar riffs, but a complete rip-off...hmmm...that's definitely debatable.

However, a LOT of people are stoking the fire with some even wondering how long it'll take until Harry's lawyers will have to start getting involved:

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harry styles ever since new york

PIC: SNL/YouTube

Luckily for the 1D heartthrob, he has a LEGION of devoted fans who have defended their boy ever since the controversy arose. God, you've got to love their passion!

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