One Direction's Debut Album Sales Numbers Are In- Can You Guess Who Sold The Most?

12 February 2020, 12:39 | Updated: 12 February 2020, 17:10

Which One Direction sold most of their debut album?
Which One Direction sold most of their debut album? Picture: Getty Images

Someone's been crunching the numbers, and the sales of each 1D's album sales have been revealed, so, who do you think took the number one spot?

The year is 2020, and finally, each member of One Direction has officially released a solo album, with Louis Tomlinson completing the bunch with his debut, Walls, which dropped at the end of January, completing the bunch.

Elsewhere, other members have already dropped their second albums, with Harry Styles's 'Fine Line', and Zayn's 'Icarus Falls', and Niall gearing up for the release of his second, so they're are all in pretty different places in their solo careers.

But, with at least one album out each, people have started to look at the sales of their debut records to see who shifted the most, and the results are in.

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Compiled by Pop Crave, the number takes into account each member's debut solo album sales in its first week of release in the US, which is worth baring in mind when looking at the results!

The singer whose music performed the best, by quite a long way, was Harry Styles, whose self-titled album sold 230k in its first week, followed in second place by Zayn's 'Mind Of Mine' at 157k.

In at third place is Niall, with his debut 'Flicker', very close to Zayn's at 152k, followed by Louis' 'Walls' at 39k and Liam's 'LP'1' at 9.5k.

We're obsessed with all of their albums for very different reasons, so we thought we'd take a moment to appreciate what we loved best from each of them, k?!


Liam Payne's debut LP1 crossed many musical genres
Liam Payne's debut LP1 crossed many musical genres. Picture: LP1

Liam's debut took a minute to get here, but when it dropped in December 2019, reminded us of his versatility, broaching pop, R&B, hip hop, Reggaeton, Trap and Electric Dance with his stack (excuse the pun) of hits, unveiling Liam's personal aesthetic and a load of swagger.

Including his enormous hits, 'Stack It Up', 'Bedroom Floor', 'Strip That Down', 'Familiar', and 'Get Low', the album is full to the brim with floor fillers and catchy hits and we Stan the whole entire way (duh).


Louis Tomlinson's 'Walls' was the last of the 1D boys' solo albums to drop
Louis Tomlinson's 'Walls' was the last of the 1D boys' solo albums to drop. Picture: Louis Tomlinson/ Walls

'Walls' was the last of the debut albums to arrive, and fans couldn't wait another day when it finally dropped in January 2020, giving them already much-loved tracks including 'Two Of Us', 'Kill My Mind' and brand new music that gave fans the best insight into his musical style to date.

His music is personal, emotional and the lyrics revealed more about who is as a person and artist, as well as touching on the grief he's experienced in his past with the loss of his mother and sister.


Niall Horan's 'Flicker' spawned incredible hit 'Slow Hands'
Niall Horan's 'Flicker' spawned incredible hit 'Slow Hands'. Picture: Niall Horan/ Flicker

'Flicker' was released promptly in October 2017 and was a seriously confident record- revealing Niall's true musical style was all about, and it made total sense when it dropped with the dreamy, folk-pop, guitar-centric tracks 'Slow Hands' and 'This Town' being some of the catchiest tunes of the year.

We loved hearing Niall's twist on pop which he's carried on into new music from his upcoming second album and a fan base barely able to contain themselves until the full album arrives.

Mind Of Mine

Zayn's 'Mind Of Mine' was the first solo album to be released
Zayn's 'Mind Of Mine' was the first solo album to be released. Picture: Zayn/ Mind Of Mine

After leaving the band in 2015, he was the first to drop his debut album in 2016, and it's safe to say it was miles, if not light years sexier than anything released by One Direction, signalling his departure even more definitely than his absence from red carpets with the boys- and the album was full of bangers.

From 'Pillowtalk' to 'LIKE I WOULD', not only did fans get to have Zayn's dreamy falcetto back they'd missed so much, they basically got serious tea on his relationship with Gigi Hadid.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles's debut album dropped in 2017
Harry Styles's debut album dropped in 2017. Picture: Harry Styles

In the 'second wave' of 1D solo releases in 2017 (along with Niall), Harry's bold, self-titled album let eagerly awaiting fans know exactly what his sound was, headed firmly in a rockier direction than his former band mates, spawning huge tracks including 'Sign Of The Times' and "Kiwi'- with some seriously artsy music videos to match.

His aesthetic to match the album has been spoken about almost as much as the music itself, with his brightly coloured and patterned flared suits unleashing Haz's inner creativity and made those who had dismissed him as a boy band member sit up and pay attention.

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