Olly Murs - 'You Don't Know Love'

Expect classic Olly Murs plus a whole load of that sexy black and white filter in the video for 'You Don't Know Love'.

Long gone are the days of Olly in a trilby spinning around in the sunshine. Say goodbye to that Murs who would slam an ice cream on his partner's nose. This is a new Olly Murs.

Taken from his upcoming fifth studio album, 'You Don't Know Love' has a suave, cool black and white video set and filmed in Las Vegas.

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Olly conveys a sense of heartbreak in the video; driving down the Vegas Strip and cruising out of town as he reminisces about the times he once had with his girlfriend.

All we're saying is, Murs, we will be your partner if you want. For your sake. Obviously not ours. Sure...

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