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The Voice's Olly Murs: His Girlfriend, Hit Songs, Feud With His Brother And More

6 days ago

Olly Murs talks about the possibility of Strictly Come Dancing

Olly Murs Exclusively Opens Up About Potential Strictly Come Dancing Role

1 month ago

Olly Murs snogged an eggplant under the mistletoe

WATCH: Olly Murs Ended Up Snogging Something Pretty Weird Under The Mistletoe...

1 month ago

Olly Murs recently released his latest single 'Moves' with Snoop Dogg

Olly Murs' 2019 UK Arena Tour – Dates, Tickets & Latest News

3 months ago

Olly Murs takes on our pub quiz about all things weird collaborations

WATCH: Olly Murs Takes On A Pub Quiz All About Dodgy, Weird Collaborations

3 months ago

Caroline Flack, Harry Styles Olly Murs

Caroline Flack Reveals All On Her Relationship With Harry Styles & Olly Murs In Open Letter

6 months ago

Olly Murs Marvin Humes BRITs 2018

WATCH: Olly Murs Reveals He’s Going To Steal Harry Styles’ BRIT Award If He Wins!

11 months ago

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