Olly Murs Compares Himself And Flo Rida To Michael Owen And Peter Crouch – Video

23 November 2012, 10:10 | Updated: 23 November 2012, 10:15

The 'Heart Skips A Beat' star tells Capital his recent team-up with the rapper shouldn't work but it does.

Olly Murs has told Capitalfm.com that he considers his recent collaboration with Flo Rida on new single 'Troublemaker' like Michael Owen playing up front with Peter Crouch for Premier League side Stoke City.

The Essex star revealed that it's one of those team-ups that possibly "on paper" shouldn't have worked, but he is "chuffed" that the fans have made it number one on the Vodafone Big top 40.

Putting me and Flo Rida together is almost like putting Peter Crouch and Michael Owen together for Stoke – it's not necessarily supposed to work because little and large just doesn't," he declared.

He continued: "I think me and Flo Rida on paper shouldn't have worked but I think what's so great is sometimes it doesn't matter about the artist it's just the song drives it."

Speaking about the elements he considers to have been key for the tracks success, he added: "I think his persona on the song helps and my vocal and everything put together – it just made the song cool and unique, so I'm really really happy with that."

Stoke City striker Peter Crouch:

Olly also admitted that he had initial doubts as to what people might think but always knew the vibe of the track would help win over critics.

"I'm just really chuffed that the song has done well because it's obviously really worrying when you do a collaboration with someone because you know how good it sounds and you like the vibe of it and how it all feels," he said. "And Flo Rida is of course a bit of a troublemaker himself, you know lots of girls he has around him, so to put them both together is brilliant.

"I'm really happy that the song has done as well as it is and it's a number one record."

The song is lifted from the singer's third studio album 'Right Place Right Time', released next week and he also gave a rendition of the track on last weekend's X Factor show.

Speaking about the performance, he said it was great to show the contestants what he can do and was thrilled to be back on the stage.

You can watch Olly Murs speaking to Capitalfm.com about working with Flo Rida below: