Nicki Minaj On Her New Perfume: "It Smells Like Success"

26 April 2012, 08:25

The 'Starships' star exclusively tells about the name of her scent.

Nicki Minaj has revealed that her new perfume smells like "success".

The rapper's currently unnamed fragrance is due to be released in the autumn in collaboration with Give Back Brands LLC – the company behind Justin Bieber's perfume, Someday.

In an interview with, the 'Starships' rapper remained tight-lipped on the name of her fragrance, but did confirm that the title featured two words.

"It does but it's secret," Nicki replied, when asked if the fragrance had a name. Pressed further on the perfume's name, she said: "It has the letter 'n' - as in Nancy - in it. Two words."
Asked what the perfume's scent was like, Nicki replied: "It's going to smell like success. I'm such a picky person – if I like a smell, everyone likes it. Seriously, my Barbz, they went crazy over the other smell I used to wear, but we're no longer going to wear that smell."

The rapper also confirmed that she planned to release a male fragrance "very soon".

Nicki released her new album 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded' earlier this month and the record went to number one around the world.

Watch Nicki talking about her perfume to below: