Miley Cyrus On New Album 'Bangerz': "It Shows A Complete Arc"

9 October 2013, 10:17

The 'Wrecking Ball' singer says fans will see a "real story" from start to finish on her new record.

Miley Cyrus says she wants fans to see her new album 'Bangerz' as a "complete arc" and not a "one-listen record".

The 'We Can't Stop' singer also named album track 'Someone Else' as the song that she feels helped complete her transition into a new music artist, feeling it helped her turn "into someone else".

"I hope they really see it as the arc that it is," Miley told MTV News this week, fresh from launching 'Bangerz' worldwide. "Even when I did my documentary for MTV, it really showed a complete arc of where I was and where I am now so I hope they kind of see that.

"It's not a one-listen record," she explained. "If you keep listening to it, you can keep seeing where I change. And it's a real story and a real grower."

Miley's new album 'Bangerz' features her recent hit singles 'We Can't Stop' and 'Wrecking Ball', as well as a song that symbolised her transition away from her teen pop star days.

"I feel like I got to where I finally was on 'Someone Else', which was the end of the record," she added. "I've turned into someone else. That's what I mean about it kind of being like a story. I kind of all did it in that time."

View a picture of Miley's Today Show performance earlier this week below:

Miley Cyrus launched her album 'Bangerz' this week with a performance on The Today Show out in America.