Lady Gaga: "I Really Like Madonna's New Song, She's An Icon"

20 November 2011, 12:55 | Updated: 20 November 2011, 12:57

The 'Marry The Night' star dismisses claims she's in competition with older singer.

Lady Gaga has revealed that she likes Madonna's new song.

The track, entitled 'Give Me All Your Love', leaked online earlier this month ahead of its planned release next year.

Lady Gaga, who has often been compared to Madonna, said she was a fan of the track, but denied she was in competition with the star.

Speaking about her new album 'Born This Way', the 'Marry The Night' singer said: "This is the happiest I have been. Ever. To make a record that I truly believe in and to have it sell so many copies in such a short amount of time, it has been a true revelation and a wonderful gift.

"It's not about beating Madonna. I actually really like her new song. She is an icon.

"It as about the Haus of Gaga and my monsters."

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga has unveiled a teaser for the video to her new single 'Marry The Night'. The full version is due to be released in the coming weeks.