Lady Gaga: 'Judas' leak was like a slow death'

Lady Gaga has compared the leaking of her new single 'Judas' with a slow death.

The singer rush-released the track last Friday (15.04) after several poor quality snippets of the song emerged online.

Now the singer has expressed her disappointment in the latest epiosde of her 'Gagavision' series.

'I got an email, 'Eeek, 'Judas' is leaking – a slow death,' she said.

'I was just... put me out my my f**king misery, just put that s**t out.'

'There's no need,' she added. 

'It's like they were tearing it limb for limb – first it was the arm of the song, then the liver.'

Check out the latest episode of Gagavision below...

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