Lady Gaga Goes Back To 'Bad Romance'

Mother Monster is back together with her ex Luc Carl.

Lady Gaga is reportedly back with her man after the couple were seen frolicking in the hay on a video shoot.

The 'You And I' singer was making her video in Luc's hometown of Nebraska so he joined her on the set and the pair spent time together after filming.

"Luc invited Gaga to his parents' place for a barbecue afterwards," a source told the Daily Mirror.

"They served corn on the cob, pulled pork sandwiches and bottles of Bud.

"Gaga dressed quite conservatively in tiny hotpants and a tied T-shirt.

"But earlier during the shoot she was sitting on Luc's lap and rolling around in the hay with him."

The pair have been on and off since before she was famous but the latest news suggests the pair could be back together again.