This Guy Is The Perfect Combo Of Justin Bieber & Zayn Malik And Everyone’s Obsessed

7 April 2016, 13:48

Spanish model is a cross between Justin Bieber and

No, but seriously… this guy actually exists and he’s all we’ve been thinking about ever since.

Firstly, we apologise for all the work you’re NOT going to get done because you’re stalking David Carrera’s Instagram – because he is the perfect combination of Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik and he’s sending the whole internet into meltdown.

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Yep, this Spanish model has been taking the internet by storm with his bleached blonde hair and stubble as people have realised he looks a LOT like two of our favourite pop hunks.


How long will I be with you? As long as the Sea is bound to Wash upon the sand. How long will I want you Foto: @polvilla21

A photo posted by D A V I D C A R R E R A (@davidcarrer) onDec 10, 2015 at 6:14am PST

DailyManCandy started the storm by posting a photo of David, and he’s so damn beautiful that some of their followers even doubted he actually existed at all.

What a time to be alive, the Biebs, Zayn AND a mixture of the two exist in our world. Phew. 

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