Justin Bieber And Yovanna Get 'Dinner For Two' - Are You Sure You're 'Just Friends'?!

11 July 2014, 10:37 | Updated: 11 July 2014, 10:40

Justin Bieber and his pal Yovanna Ventura have been looking pretty close in recent snaps, and he took her out for dinner last night – what happened to #Jelena4Eva?!

Hmmm Justin, you're not doing a very good job of convincing people that you and this girl are just pals! Bieber posted a photo of himself and his friend Yovanna Ventura out for dinner last night, captioned "Dinner for 2 ;)" - the winky face makes you look like you're up to something you shouldn't be, Biebs! Yovanna also posted the same snap with just a smiley face. Come on guys, are you or aren't you?! 

Let's look at the evidence shall we? We’re sure Justin Bieber isn’t short of people wanting to cosy up to him, but he’s sure been doing a lot of cuddling with his pal Yovanna Ventura – and the pair were even spotted going for lunch together this week...

Justin and Yovanna were first seen hanging out earlier this year, but have not been seen together since early May when the two of them hung out on Venice Beach in California, doing a spot of rickshaw riding and a walk on the beach. Sounds pretty romantic!

The pair weren’t spotted together for a while, until the two of them stepped out together this week, visiting the Il Pastaio restaurant in Los Angeles, where Justin stopped for photos with fans – and the eagle-eyed snappers caught Yovanna leaving with him. 

He also recently posted a snap of Yovanna with her hands up his top - whatcha looking for, Yo? 

Justin and Yovanna haven’t been shy about posting pictures of each other on Instagram, Twitter an Shots either – Yovanna recently posted a photo of herself with Justin, calling him the ‘sweetest guy ever’ and has previously posted a pic calling him her #MCM (Man Crush Monday). We wonder what Selena thinks of all this? 

Yovanna has also been hanging out with Justin's other friends, making sure to keep a protective arm around him at all times… 

Yup, it's still there… 

There it is again… 

Yovanna posted this snap of the two of them earlier today (Wednesday 9th July)

As well as calling Justin the 'sweetest guy ever' the day before

At the end of May, she called him her #MCM

He also posted this pic captioned 'I see you In that Dolce Dress. Glad u had fun. :)' 

The pair first posted pics together at a Floyd Mayweather Jr boxing match at the start of May 

And even rocked some slightly odd matching outfits

What's the general consensus on Justin and Yovanna, then? Do they make a cute couple or are you Team Jelena? Let us know below!