WATCH: Postmodern Jukebox Turn Justin Bieber’s ‘Where Are U Now’ Into A Haunting Ballad

9 October 2015, 09:52

Where Are U Now - Skrillex / Diplo / Justin Bieber Cover ft. Mykal Kilgore


The guys behind the most unique pop covers on the internet have done it again – this time taking on Skrillex, Diplo and Justin Bieber’s hit with a twist.

Little known fact: Justin Bieber’s ‘Where Are U Now’ originally started off as a ballad accompanied by piano before becoming an EDM-flavoured hit with Skrillex and Diplo on production – and Postmodern Jukebox have taken it back to it’s roots with their new cover.

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Stripping back the production to reveal Mykal Kilgore’s vocals, this Youtube group have made the dance track into a pretty haunting ballad – and it’s absolutely beautiful.

With just vocals and a piano accompanying, you couldn’t quite imagine the Biebs bouncing along to this version… maybe a nice slow dance instead? And we can TOTALLY get on board with that… 

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