WATCH: This ‘What Do You Mean’ Dance Cover Is One Justin Bieber Would Be Proud Of

5 October 2015, 09:18

What Do You Mean / Epic Segway Dance Cover @justinbieber


The Biebs’ brilliant new song complete with some hot male dancers on Segways? It’s even better than it sounds.

He’s a great dancer and he LOVES a Segway, so we’re guessing Justin Bieber would be just as obsessed with this Segway dance cover of his new song ‘What Do You Mean’ as we are.

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Five guys have created a whole new video for Justin’s new track, featuring some killer dance moves and some VERY impressive Segway skills too.

The video, choreographed by David Moore, has racked up over 1.5million views over the weekend since its release – and we can definitely see why…

Hot guys with impressive dance skills and the ability to bust some serious moves without breaking their necks falling off a Segway, all set to the sounds of Justin Bieber? What’s not to love! 

'What Do You Mean' is the first cut to come from Justin's new album, 'Purpose' which will be dropping on 13th November - if this is track one, we can't wait to see what else he has in store for the fans. 

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