Justin Bieber Reaches 19 Million Twitter Followers

27 March 2012, 17:31 | Updated: 27 March 2012, 17:35

The 'One Time' star has added over one million new fans to his social network account in the past month.

Justin Bieber has reached the 19 million Twitter followers milestone on his social networking account today (27th March).

The Canadian star admitted he was shocked to believe that he had added a further million fans in the past month.

He tweeted: "WHAT?!?! that means we grew over 1 MILLION people in less than a MONTH!! AMAZING!! THANK U! #19MillionBeliebersGOHARD."

He then also added: "#BLESSED to have the #GREATESTFANSONTHEPLANET - #GRATEFUL to #LoveTheBELIEBERS - 19 Million Sexy *#$%@#%@% - haha."

The star still has a little bit of work to do to catch Lady Gaga who managed to become the first ever person to reach the 20 million mark on Twitter and currently stands at over 21 million.