Justin Bieber Goes Topless In All Around The World Documentary - Video

22 June 2012, 14:09 | Updated: 22 June 2012, 14:14

The 'Boyfriend' star was shown baring his muscles backstage during the film.

Justin Bieber flashed his muscles in the latest in installment off his All Around The World documentary.

The 'Boyfriend' star bared his chest during a behind the scenes clip, which showed him in a dressing room.

After selecting his outfit for the night, Justin joked with a female assistant about his body.

"I'm literally a tank," he joked, while showing her his best bodybuilder impression.

The final installment of All Around The World followed Justin as he arrived in New York to perform on The Today Show.

Hundreds of fans – many of whom camped for a week to see Justin – are shown breaking into tears as his car arrives at the venue.

Justin Bieber flashed his abs during the All Around The World documentary:

Justin released his new album 'Believe' this week.

The album features his recent singles 'Boyfriend' and 'All Around The World', and is set to top the album charts around the world.

Watch Justin Bieber's All Around The World documentary below:

In part one of the All Around The World documentary, Justin was showing fainting backstage after he ran into a glass wall at a gig in Paris.

The footage shows Justin walking down a flight of stairs with his minders, when he suddenly faints and a woman is heard calling for his manager, Scooter Braun.

In another clip, Scooter is heard telling someone: "He was unconscious for like, four or five minutes."