Justin Bieber Sued For "Stealing Credit Card" Of Man Claiming To Be Selena Gomez's Dad

24 October 2012, 11:39 | Updated: 24 October 2012, 11:50

The 'Boyfriend' star is also accused of cheating on his girlfriend in a series of outlandish accusations.

Justin Bieber is being sued by a man who claims to be the teen star's girlfriend Selena Gomez's father.

The 'As Long As You Love Me' star is being accused of stealing a credit card from a Michigan based man who has made a series of damming accusations against the teen star.

The lawsuit was obtained by TMZ and details how the man is suing Justin for taking $426.78 to pay for an abortion as well as spoiling his "Canadian bear rug".

It is also claimed that as well as obtaining the American Express card to pay for cosmetic enhancements, the teen star has been cheating on Selena with Ke$ha, Rihanna and Penelope Cruz.

Usher is also mentioned in the suit which concludes: "I'm an emotional mess ... America must boycott biebers music!" 

Earlier this year, an Oregan woman also filed a suit for $9 million after claiming the Canadian star's shows had damaged her ears.

"I was injured by a sound blast that exceeded safe decibel levels," she claimed "I suffer hearing loss, tinnitus and hyperacusis in both ears."

Meanwhile, Justin is also currently pursuing a lawsuit of his own after he was involved in a high speed car chase with a paparazzo – who could now face up to a year in jail on harassment charges.