Justin Bieber: "I Give Up A Personal Life To Be The Best"

22 March 2012, 12:06 | Updated: 22 March 2012, 12:11

The 'Never Say Never' singer says he is hugely competitive and only has the goal to reach the top in all he does.

Justin Bieber has confessed that he would not be making music unless he thought he could be the best.

The 'One Time' star revealed that he always wants to achieve great things in everything he tries and has even sacrificed a personal life to achieve his career dreams.

During an interview with Complex magazine, he said: "There's no point in doing this if I'm not going to be the best. I give up a personal life. I give up my friends and family to pursue what I love and to make my fans happy.

"Why would I give up so much to be just another singer? When I release something I want it to be the best. When I release my fragrance, I want it to be the number-one fragrance; I don't want it to be the ninth-best-selling fragrance.

"My Christmas album went double-platinum worldwide. Christmas albums don’t do that, and that still wasn’t good enough for me.

The star also spoke out about his relationship with his girlfriend Selena Gomez and said that he thought it would have been unfair if he had kept it a secret.

Meanwhile, the Canadian star is readying the release of his new single 'Boyfriend' and putting the final touches on his new album 'Believe'.