Some Weird Skywriting Appears In New York – And It’s Got Justin Bieber Fans All Confused

15 June 2015, 15:48


The mysterious writing says Justin is a ‘smileophile’ – and no one really knows who’s behind it.

Now it’s time for the most random news of the day – Beliebers in New York are hella confused right now… Some myseterious skywriting has appeared saying Justin Bieber is a “smileophile”…

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People spotted the strange writing in the sky above NYC, but no one really knows WTAF it’s all about or who is behind it.

And “smileophile”? Well, he has been flashing those pearly whites a lot more since he ditched the teenage scowling act, but we’re still not sure quite what that means.

It’s not known whether it was a publicity stunt from the man himself – even though he hasn’t been in New York recently – or just an overzealous fan with a lot of cash to burn making some random statement.

We’re still waiting to hear what JB thinks about all this…

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