Justin Bieber Investigated For Reckless Driving After Former NFL Player Confronts Him?

29 May 2013, 14:58

American football player Keyshawn Johnson confronted the star at his home after witnessing alleged dangerous driving.

Justin Bieber is being investigated for an alleged reckless driving offence after reportedly speeding around a gated community in Los Angeles in his white Ferrari.

The 'Boyfriend' singer is said to have sped past former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson at motorway driving speeds in a 25 mph zone, causing the former athlete to follow Justin to his home to confront him.

Reports suggest Justin refused to speak with Keyshawn after he arrived at the Canadian pop star's home nearby, and also declined to talk to police officers after they received two calls to complain about the incident.

"His security details said he declined to talk to us based on the advice of counsel," Police spokesperson Steve Whitmore revealed in a statement, reports The Independent. "Their eyewitness testimony to our deputies was definitive.

"Not only the speed, not only the vehicle, but Bieber was sitting and driving in the driver's side seat," he added, confirming that a reckless driving report will now be submitted to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, who will then decide whether to issue misdemeanour charges.

Check out a picture of Justin Bieber on stage at the Billboard Music Awards 2013 below (Credit: Getty):

'As Long As You Love Me' singer Justin has yet to comment on the reports.

The 'Boyfriend' star was defended by mentor Usher earlier this week over his recent string of bad press, with the R&B star saying it can be difficult for Justin to have any sort of privacy, and saying he homes the teen star continues to mature.

Justin Bieber returned to Twitter yesterday after a week off from the social networking website, having told fans he needed to "take some time" away.