WATCH: This Girl Thinks She’s Been Pulled Over By Police… & Gets Justin Bieber Tickets!

18 April 2016, 12:09

Prank - Abigail gets a "ticket" for her birthday (a Bieber ticket)


Well, if you’re going to get any sort of ticket for being pulled over, you’d want it to be these!

Imagine getting pulled over by police on your 17th birthday… pretty annoying when you’re on your way to your birthday dinner, but this girl got the BEST surprise ever!

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Abigail Guthrie was driving with her parents when he dad told her to take a sudden turn and she was ‘pulled over’ by a policeman because she hadn’t indicated early enough before taking the turning.

While the cop goes back to his car with her license an registration documents, Abigail is freaking out a little about the fact she’s been pulled over for the first time on her birthday of all days.

When he returns, the policeman gives Abigail her court dates in an envelope… which are actually JUSTIN BIEBER CONCERT TICKETS! (Obvs she TOTALLY freaked out.) Best birthday surprise ever? We reckon so! 

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