Hey #Beliebers! Justin Bieber’s Mum Does NOT Want To Hear That He Makes You “Horny”

17 July 2014, 10:54

Justin Bieber And Mum Pattie Mallette

There are some things a mum doesn’t want to know – poor Pattie Mallette!

It isn’t easy being the mum of one of the world’s biggest pop stars – Pattie Mallette has been getting tweets from some, ahem, enthusiastic #Beliebers that are a bit TMI!

Yep, Justin Bieber’s fan are NOT a shy bunch – but some of them have been tweeting Pattie to tell her that her son makes them “horny”!

Pattie took to Twitter earlier in the week to say, “Dear Sweet Beliebers, Please stop telling me my son makes you horny. Its NOT something a mom wants to hear. Love Mom ‪#ThingsYouDontTellMom

The responses from the Belieber army ranged from total surprise to claiming that it’s Justin’s fault for being so good looking and getting his body out ALL the time. 

Some of our favourite responses include:

So kids, if Justin Bieber does float your boat, it’s probably best not to tweet his (devout Christian) mum about it! 

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