P Diddy has given J Biebz a Lamborghini!

Most people's first car is a little hatchback, not Justin Bieber looks like he'll be driving off in swanky sports car.

Justin became to proud owner of a shiny white Lamborghini earlier in the year for his 16th birthday, all thanks to P Diddy.

Bieber passed his driving test a few months back and doubted whether Diddy would actually follow through with his promise of giving him the expensive sports car for his 16th birthday.

But clearly Diddy made good on his promise as Justin was snapped driving the car in LA this week with Sean Kingston.

If after reading that, you think that the Biebz is spoilt then you'll be green with envy when you hear that the Lamborghini isn't his only car, Usher already bought him a brand new Range Rover!

Incidentally, this isn't the first lavish gift that P.Diddy has bought a fellow celebrity. When the New York based rapper first met an up-and-coming Mark Ronson, he was so impressed with the star, that he decided to give him a $100 bill on the spot.