Justin Bieber Pictured Giving New York Tattoo Artist A New Piece Of Body Art

5 April 2013, 14:59

The 'Boyfriend' singer's tattoo artist could now face a $2000 for allowing an unlicensed artist to give a tattoo.

Justin Bieber is seen giving famed tattoo artist Bang Bang a new ink design in pictures that first emerged this week.

The 'Boyfriend' singer was pictured returning the favour to Bang Bang at his New York City tattoo parlour last June with a unique design on the artist's leg.

Justin is seen concentrating on his creation of a muscled cartoon mouse, which he tattoos above the world 'Swaggy', in what is being described as the 'Beauty & A Beat' singer's alter ego.

The footage is said to have been filmed in summer last year, although fresh reports suggest Bang Bang could now face a fine for allowing an unlicensed artist give a tattoo in his shop.

Check out a picture of Justin Bieber giving a tattoo to his ink artist below (Credit: Coleman-Rayner/Facebook.com/BangBangTattoos)

The artist is said to have gotten into trouble with US health and safety officials in the past for similar incidents, including a tattoo he received from Rihanna, and could now face a fine of up to $2000.

Justin's muscled mouse design is reported to have taken around 15 minutes to complete, but it's worth noting that the Canadian singer himself will not be liable for giving the illegal tattoo.

Justin Bieber was confirmed for a performance at the Billboard Music Awards 2013 this week, which takes place in early May.