Justin Bieber To Unveil Song Penned For His Mum On US Mother's Day

4 May 2012, 11:00 | Updated: 4 May 2012, 11:20

The 'Boyfriend' star admits the track is a dedication to the struggles and bravery she possessed as he was growing up.

Justin Bieber has confessed that he has plans to release the track he penned for his mum Pattie Mallette on Mother's Day in the US on 13th May.

The 'Never Say Never' star told MTV that he was unsure if the song would feature on his upcoming new album 'Believe' but wanted to ensure people heard it so will be releasing it regardless.

"I wrote a song for my mom. But I'm going to put it out on Mother's Day," he explained.

The teen star admitted he felt the track was necessary as he wanted people to understand the struggles his mother endured and how brave she has been.

He continued: "[It's] about the struggles, I say in the song. She had me at like the age I am now. [It's about] just the struggles she went through and how brave she was, and I think the world needed to know that."

Justin has also confirmed he has his next single ready to go and premiered the official music video for his latest release 'Boyfriend' this morning (4th May).